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LIKN SUPERABRASIVE is a professional manufacturer of diamond tools such as diamond cutting tools, electroplated diamond tools, diamond saw blades, diamond wet cutting blades, high speed saw blades, walking and wall saw blades, and grinding wheels in China, With its products (asphalt/green concrete saw blade, dry concrete core drill bit, segments for floors grinding plate, dry porcelain core bit, ceramic tile saw blade etc. ...).

The firm has ten years experience in the production of coating tools and 8 years experience in dealing with sintered and welded saw blades. We supply wide range proper blades for various applications in the market.

With supported of special bond testing laboratory, we regards the lowest cost per output as our goal, task.
We are always seeking the high cutting speed and rather longer life for each application.

As a basically rule, safety always is the first factor in all our products, consistency guarantee quality and delivery time are what we promise to all customers. Saving users's time and money is success yours and ours too. We care, design and supply your needs, always.

High Precision, High Speed, Long Lasting.