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For General Contractors  
  1. General Purpose/Universal Blade,KTA/KTW201,MST/MMT201,LHS/LLS201 series

2. High Speed Saw Blade, MXT103, LUT103, LAT103, LDT103, LTT103, LLC103, LKT103, LNS103 series

3. Rescue/Ductile Iron Blade,SDC01,SDC02,SDC03,SDC04 series

4. Masonry/block cutting blade,MBS series

5. Ring Saw Blade,RSB series

6. Tuck point Cutter,FTC series

7. Grinding wheels FAT,FGR,FAS,FGS,FRT,FBT,FGP,FBS,VSMG304 series

8. Dry Drilling Bits for Concrete

9. Porcelain dry core bit set

10. Core drill sets and accessories